State Car Insurance Requirements


You could find exclusive car insurance requirements for each different state of the United States of America. When you drive your brand-new car for the first time, say leaving the lot, you are required by law to have car insurance on your vehicle. Therefore, you should be well informed about your state car insurance requirements prior to the purchase of auto insurance.

Maybe, you decide to drive without car insurance. If your local Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) or Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) finds out, you could be facing a suspended license. If you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer and failed to present proof of insurance, or, worst-case scenario, if you take part in an accident driving without insurance, the consequences could be worse. You could get a traffic ticket, or the police officer might order your car to be towed from the scene.

As you see, when you are driving on the United States public roads is as important to have a car insurance policy as you could give proof of it. If you are asking yourself questions about the state car insurance requirements, this is the right place to answer them. Here, you’ll learn about each state’s minimum requirements, why the states have car insurance laws, and how to check if your insurance policy effectively covers you.

States Minimum Liability Figures

When you see minimum liability insurance requirements, will notice they are written with three numbers. The first two are about bodily injury liability limits, and the third is the property damage liability limit. Say, for example, your Auto Insurance Montgomery, Alabama needs to be 25/50/25 minimum.

And, what does it mean? Well, if one person ends up injured after an accident, he or she will receive a maximum of $25000 and a maximum of $50000 to cover people’s injuries per accident. The third number is the total coverage for property damage; in Alabama, $25000.

What Should You Do to Learn the State Car Insurance Requirements?

Your state requires you to have a certain amount of car coverage. To know which these numbers are, you could do two things.

Firstly, you could get this through the DMV. You could contact a car insurance agent or do it yourself, searching on the DMV’s website. This might be a tedious solution, and only those who are not in their senses occupy more time than is absolutely necessary dealing with the DMV.

The second way is much easier than the first one. You should only need to go online and enter your zip code in the quote form from reputable insurance providers like GoodtoGo Insurance or Loya Insurance Company. Immediately, you will get rates from top insurance companies. You will find these quotes on your personal needs and your state requirements.


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