Beneficial Pests You Should Not Be Worried About


Bothered about house or building pests? You are definitely not alone. Millions of people suffer house pests problem and need to find ways to get rid of them. However, to many people’s surprise, there are some beneficial pests as well. These may still scare some people but provide many other benefits to domestic and commercial buildings.

Beneficial pests work their way against many other pests. Some of these act as free extermination systems for more annoying pests of different species. Of course, its not the ideal scenario to have any pests around the house. But, when some rise in populations too much, these beneficial pests might rescue your property. Of course, in case of a full-scale pest problem, you would need pest control Vancouver or a service local to your city.

Here are some of them you need to know:

Possums Beneficial Pests for Roach, Rat and Snake Problems

Got a pesky roach problem at home? Does your property get too many rats and possibly even snakes coming after them? Well, you can count on possums to get rid of all of these and more. Their diet consists of many versatile pests including cockroaches, rats, snails and even snakes. Their blood contains a special natural serum protein that makes them resistant to snake venom.

Their special digestive systems make these beneficial pests digest every insect and pest that they eat. If you get any possums in your garden, let them be. Some people even feed them to make them stay in their gardens. They will almost never harm your greenery while will eat away all rats, roaches and snakes. What more could you ask of these beneficial pests right!

Bats for Several Insect Extermination

Okay, lets get this straight. You don’t have to make bats your pets or even make nests for them at home or in the garden. This is something that if happens is good, otherwise you don’t make it happen. However, if you do get bats nesting or visiting near your property, you can rest assure they will take our many insects. Mosquitoes, roaches, wasps and many other pests are on their menu.

Another benefit of bats is their pollination ability. Many flowers and plants depend heavily on bat pollination in order to grow. Bats are great for gardens and exterminating pesky pests before they enter the property. These beneficial pests may look scary but do provide some great benefits. Just make sure they don’t nest inside your home at all.

Praying Mantis for Insect Problem

Got ants, spiders, roaches or any other crawler pests around the house? Praying mentis can be the perfect beneficial pests for your problem. That is, if you don’t have a problem with these crawling your place. However, all insects are on the menu for praying mantis. They will eat and finish off any species of unwanted pests from your home or commercial property quickly.

Even a single praying mantis can be quite enough for many colonies of pests. They have an adjustable appetite and are patient enough to wait for prey too. As long as insects are in your property, praying mantis will not leave unless you make it leave. These beneficial pests are pretty innocent for humans as well. No harm comes from them at all except the occasional heart race.

Ladybird Beetle Beneficial Pests for Pest Infestation

The special thing about ladybird beetle is that they also eat eggs of other beetles and pests. These are also known as the famous ladybug and help on a smaller size scale of pests. These beneficial pests will eat away other small pests and their eggs in the process as well. And when they eat eggs or other pests, they literally stop any pest infestation from advancing.

Even their larvae eat the same diet as their parents and they are not fussy eaters at all. Not fussy eaters but very heaty eaters compared to their size. In fact, many people don’t actually mind ladybugs around the house. These friendly little ones clear off small insects and pests that are normally left alone by abovementioned beneficial pests.

Spider Webs Take Out Flies and Mosquitoes

Spiders are generally pretty scary on their own. However, if you can shed away their jitters, they can solve flies and mosquitos’ problems. Spiders are not very picky eaters at all and will eat away anything organic that gets caught in their web. Often, flies flying around and mosquitoes do get stuck in their webs too. This becomes a case of more the better. Yikes!

However, spiders are known to avoid human contact unless defending themselves. Even they, they mostly run away or at least try to do so. Taking out flies and mosquitoes and many other pests, these beneficial pests help reduce insect spreading diseases. Just look for their species. Ordinary house spiders don’t have any venom as well.

Final Words

Where pests are almost never wanted in any property, there are some beneficial pests that do more good than harm. These abovementioned species of pests will keep your property clean from many other forms of pests. However, when you have full-grown pest infestation, you’ll most likely need pest control Surrey service or any other local one.

Having these beneficial pests around the house or any property is a good option to avoid large-scale pest infestation. However, you should keep their own populations in check. Decide on what’s the best course of action for your property. Have these types of beneficial pests around or get a quality pest control service. Any which way that works to keep your property pest infestation free.

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