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Hats are quite a fashion statement that does not get noticed or hyped up often. Sporting a hat can usually change your complete look and make it fancier. In fact, in the earlier centuries, women coming from an aristocratic and privileged background would sport incredibly gorgeous hats that would complete their look. They would never step out of their houses without wearing a hat.

You will find the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, sporting colourful and grand hats to complete her look even today. While it may not be possible for us to wear such hats, one of the best variations of that sort of hat is the custom dad hat.

Dad hats have been in fashion since the late 20th century and are adorned for various occasions. From casual to pepping up your outfit, it goes along with every event if you know how to pair.

Not only can you pair your dad hat, but you can customise your very dad hat and make it look more fashionable and trendy. This article will give you some tips on how to customise your dad hat and increase the fashion quotient.

Tip 1: Distressed Dad Hat

To get a distressed dad hat, the best would be to buy a denim material dad hat. In case you don’t find one, then you can go with non-denim one itself. All you have to do is check out some videos on YouTube on how you should use your scissors to create a distressed look on your hat.

A distressed dad hat is quite the trend now, given it pairs up well with casual outings with your friends or for game night. It raises the fashion quotient in casual attire.

Tip 2: Stitch Cute Emojis

To add some cuteness and chic to your otherwise plain-looking dad hat, you could take up the sewing needle and stitch some cute images or emojis such as an ice-cream, a taco, basketball, etc.

You can customise it in such a way that it suits the occasion for which you are donning the hat. For instance, if you regularly wear a particular custom dad hat for an outdoor sport, say tennis, then you could stitch a tennis racket along with a green tennis ball.

It adds a bit more fun to your game and makes people look at you, not twice but thrice!

Tip 3: Sew Some Quotes

If you like reading meaningful quotes and can find yourself in it, then why not add that to your custom dad’s hat? It does not have to be a two-lined quote because it will make the hate look very messy and overcrowded with words. You could add small quotes or famous phrases like “good vibes” in very stylish handwriting.

Moreover, hats have also come to take a prominent position in raising one’s voice against oppression or injustice. In many of the landmark protests that have rocked the world this century, you will find people donning hats, mainly depicting their state of mind and voice of reason.

Some familiar images that can be found on the hats are a raised fisted hand, which symbolises fighting against injustice, or a peace sign which calls for peace to prevail in the region.


It’s time to get out of your bed, pick up your dad’s hat and style it in a way that catches the eyes of people as you walk down the road. Make it distressed or make it cute; your hat should be able to make a statement in itself.

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