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Most people tend to collect their news from a single source. More often than not, this leads to a misinformed individual who circulates inaccurate information to other people. As a result, it often leads to mass hysteria.

Publishing news is a matter of great responsibility, and Robinhood News takes this responsibility very seriously. 

While the web is inundated with news articles that claim to be accurate, most news is thoroughly misguided. The American news industry has reached a point where people cannot trust what reporters and anchors have to say. Hence, people must verify their news from multiple sources of the Latest US news to ensure that their news is factual.

Why Choose Robinhood News?

In an era where balanced reporting is a thing of the past, only a few news agencies conduct uncompromising research from grassroots sources. Such agencies are very vigilant, listen to sources, and exercise critical thinking, before concluding.

  • We check with local sources

It is easy for agencies to find out about an incident if it happened locally, but what about the incidents that happen outside a city or state. A responsible news agency covers international stories by finding local sources in and around the place at which the incident took place.

If the research is local, then the agency must enquire about the news from multiple local sources and see what they have to say about the incident you want to cover. With legitimate news agencies, there is no need for readers to really understand what really happened. The proof lies in the pudding.

  • Machinery of Care

The good news agencies have a variety of processes and resources that are specifically allocated to the promotion of accuracy and error correction.

  • Transparency

Authentic news agencies clearly mark an opinions column as an opinion and disclose any conflicts of interest. They also indicate the sources, process of verification, and links to sources within their stories.

  • Expertise

Reputed news agencies are very particular about hiring news reporters. They lay special emphasis on hiring reporters with reporting or area expertise. Such reporters are highly educated in the processes of ethical journalism. In the case of new writers with another kind of expertise, they are trained and educated by the organization.

  • Agenda

The main reason for the operation of a reputed news agency is to serve its readers and viewers with factual information. By no means must it help elect democrats, reform schools, or promote tax cuts. A news agency is free to provide the Latest US news, but not any sort of propaganda.

As a news agency, many have a bias towards things. It is absolutely fine to have a bias since one tends to see bias in people they disagree with and tends to not see bias in people they agree with. However, every news firm must make a clear distinction between bias and agenda as they are not one and the same.

While bias pertains to the way people see things, an agenda is about what a news firm is set up to fulfill. Robinhood news is one of the few news agencies that clearly mark opinion columns as opinions. They employ over a dozen fact-checkers and hire professional reporters who are well averse to the ins and outs of their job. 

A reputed news firm that ensures utmost transparency about its sources, methods, and conflicts of interest is less likely to be driven by any sort of political agenda.

A news firm with a good process and news culture goes a long way in keeping personal bias in check. Moreover, reputed and noble news firms who are true to their cause will not have any alliance with a political party or be funded by oil companies.

We encourage people to not buy into fabricated news and mark off such news firms as those with political agendas. Only news firms that aim at creating a more informed public, and quote facts and statistics are read-worthy and eventually worth your time. 

A new source must provide breaking news, and serve as a reflection of what was actually going on historically, at a particular point in time. A noble news firm aims at spreading the news and also helping people remember what actually happened. So, subscribe to news sources that are not agenda-driven, but fact-driven.

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