Hiring an Architect in North London: What You Must Know


If you are from the UK and seriously considering a home renovation project, adding an extension or building up a new structure altogether, hiring the best architect in North London is what you need to do. Most construction projects in the UK require you to get planning permissions from the local councils before you start building.

However, if you choose experienced residential architecture specialists such as Humphreys & Sons, they can help you obtain the necessary planning permission with relative ease. As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to choose architects with proven track records of interiors secrets success in their field. This way, they can steer you through the planning application process and ultimately design your dream house.

What to consider when choosing an architect in North London

Ideally, you will want to work with architects that boast a wide portfolio of completed architecture projects, both in and around North London. Architects with decades of experiences in the business should be at the top of your list. Professional architects will always place the needs of clients above anything else and will strive to deliver their best work.

An architect that has a good history of changing the status quo is worth your investment, as they can offer you a unique architectural landscape. It’s important that your chosen architect in North London has the desire to collaborate with you from the beginning of the contract until the project is completed. Having a highly appointed modern home is key to living your life comfortably; especially in these times of a raging global pandemic that has seen billions of people restricted to their homes during the lockdown.

For sure, times may be hard for you at the moment due to COVID-19’s impact on the world’s economy. However, if you find an architect who fully understands your needs as a client, do not look back. Reputable North London architects design beautiful houses to reflect the great personalities of their owners.

What does it cost to hire an architect to design your house?

It doesn’t matter whether you are refurbishing an existing room or you want to remodel your whole house — expert architects in North London can help you achieve your goals. The question is, exactly how much will it cost you to hire an architect for your home design?

Architectural fees vary over a wide range depending on the specific project, state of your local economy, and the reputation of the architect. However, typical architectural fees can range from  around £1,500 to £6,000, with average costs going for £3,750. It’s important to note that the actual fees can be higher. That’s if the project is sizable and sophisticated.

When you contact expert architect North London, they can give you their quotes and detail what services you can expect from them. Whatever your decision may be — you should know that cheaper quotes are not necessarily the best option. Always make a good budget while taking quality into consideration.

Questions to ask when meeting architects in North London

You need to prepare some vital questions to ask your chosen architect when you are meeting them for design discussions. In the meeting, each of you will know what to expect from the other party.

Here are a few questions you can ask the architect.

  •       What constitutes your design philosophy? The architect may tell you more about their vision, sustainability, affordability, and the like.
  •       Are you a licensed architect? It’s advisable to choose a highly qualified architect who can give you value for your money.
  •       Have you completed other architecture projects that are similar to mine? Your idea is to ensure that the architect has first-hand experience with your type of project.
  •       Can you estimate the timeline for the completion of this project? You may not want to work with an architect who will delay your project when you need your house to be finished in time.
  •       What are the costs involved? Do not leave a design meeting with an architect without understanding the architect’s fees.
  •       Do you provide a 3-D model of the design or do you work on paper? An architect who can show you a 3-dimensional preview of your house is a big plus.


Depending on your requirements, architects in North London, UK, can give you great design solutions. But it’s up to you to choose the designer. When you have a problem with your current home, need an addition, or want to remodel your home, architects from Humphreys & Sons can help.


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