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A washing machine is one of the major problem-solving appliances helping humans to do laundry with ease from generations. It is considered one of the basic necessities of any urban abode. Nobody wants to compromise with the cleaning performance as it is directly relative to the physical presence of the person and that’s why having the best Indian washing machine is not less than a blessing, especially for working individuals.

With an aim of increasing convenience and performance, the technology has grown up unexpectedly. New age washing machines are loaded with many useful features. Now, it’s not only about the cleaning but also many other features like automatic sensors, loading indicators, smart app support, inverter technology, etc. 

Below, we have included the most functional features in a Washing Machine.

1. Inbuilt Hard Water Treatment in Washing Machines:



If you belong to a region with highly mineralized water or you use direct bore-well water for washing purposes, it can reduce the cleaning efficiency of the washer and also lead to a negative impact on the life of the appliance.

If you experience some spots of detergent residue on the textile surface after the wash, the reason behind it could be the incoming hard water.

 To get rid of this problem, many washing machines are equipped with a hard water treatment facility to improve washing performance and deliver thoroughly cleaned clothes.

2. Inverter Technology:



It is one of the most essential features of home appliances. An inverter washing machine has inbuilt sensors to detect the load and the objective is to run the washer at the most optimum speed depending on different load sizes on different days. The objective is to save the extra electricity consumption by running the motor at a variable pace without compromising with the performance of the appliance. 

3. Auto Tub Clean:

One of the most important features of the new age washers is the automatic cleaning of the tub which helps in getting rid of any foul smell issues. Detergent build on the drum surface is one of the reasons which can deteriorate the cleaning quality of the appliance.

4. App Support System:



Giant Electronics franchises like Samsung and LG offer immediate app support systems to maximize user convenience.

For example, SmartCare App from Samsung enables you to troubleshoot any kind of simple error code. The process is to scan the code from the display panel and the user interface will directly get you to the steps to resolve the issue.

Similarly, LG ThinQ App offers smart diagnosis to detect different kinds of operational issues. You can also directly connect to technicians if the automatic troubleshooting steps don’t work for you. You can get access to the official app on the android and iPhone app Store.  

5. Automatic Detergent Dosage:



 If you are a new washing machine user and feel confused about how much detergent is required for different load capacities on different days. Inbuilt Automatic detergent recommendation from Whirlpool has got the resolution for you. It automatically senses the load size and recommends the appropriate amount of detergent required and that’s why whirlpool washing machines are considered as one the best top load washing machines in India

6. Washing features for optimum cleaning:


6.1 Steam Wash: 

SteamWash is another addition by the manufacturers to drive the cleaning specialization of the Washing Machines. Now the washers are not only capable of removing the dirt but also kill germs or bacteria deposits from the garment surface. It claims to deliver 99% allergen-free clothes as the output. You can find this program in LG and Samsung Washing Machines.

6.2 Pre-Soak Wash Cycles:

Pre Wash cycles is a performance additional feature used to wash the heavily soiled textiles. Technically, it is an extra cycle added before the actual wash cycle begins to lose the sticky dirt from the textile surface. 

6.3 Fabric Oriented Wash Programs:

India is a country with a variety of seasons all over the year and so is the need for different kinds of clothes with different fabric types. So when you are buying a washer for your household, make sure to look for the one with fabric oriented wash programs. For example, cotton, synthetics, Denim, Silk, woolen, etc. 

6.4 Fuzzy Logic:

Fuzzy logic directly reduces almost every manual effort other than you just need to add the load. This program helps in detecting the load size, the amount of dirt, and accordingly, it adds the appropriate amount of soap and water. We count this as one of the tremendous features for a non-regular washing machine user.

To summarise, there is a bundle of features provided by washing machines. We have tried to include the most required ones in an Automatic washing system and you might get most of them in an average priced washing machine. 

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